Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pinkwashing Month Begins

Last night I was reminded by my blogmate Carny Asada that today marks the beginning of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH, which should be re-titled 'Slap a pink ribbon on everything from candy to vodka and call it a Good Cause' month.

Sadly for Mr. Cancer Survivor I didn't get to the larger supermarkets to lay in the supplies we'll need for the next four weeks so he'll have to go one day and bear up against all that pinkwashing. I can't do it. I learned after a recent episode with some Lyndon Larouchers outside my local Trader Joe's market that I can't really keep my composure the way I could when I was younger and less grizzled. The Obama as Hitler poster taught me that I have a button that when pushed by a total stranger will cause me to let that stranger know how what they are doing/saying/supporting makes me feel, as loudly as will make me feel better.

So let's get out there and support all those companies that use chemicals in their products that might be carcinogens because they support fighting the cancer that they may have caused. Wait, don't the cigarette companies do this already?

And in an unrelated thought, does Benjamin Moore have a Breast Cancer Pink shade of paint yet?

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